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Fast Delivery takes advantage of the logistics market potential

Date 14-09-2020 Views 308

With 300 post offices and service points nationwide, Express Delivery (GHN Express) takes advantage to meet the shipping needs in Vietnam.

According to the Report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2017 the growth rate of the logistics market reached 25% a year, the market size was more than 20 billion USD with more than 1,300 enterprises (mostly small and medium).

The World Bank also stated that Vietnam is a country with a strong potential for development in logistics services business in the coming time.

However, according to the general assessment, the "land" of the logistic potential has not been fully exploited and there are many challenges to be solved.

Enterprises in the field admit that, despite the rapid market development and a large number of businesses, the units still face many difficulties and challenges such as logistic costs, transportation infrastructure, warehouse yards and human resources.

GHN Express continuously improves the operating system.

GHN Express - Fast Delivery is one of the prominent domestic logistics companies with diversified services and regular improvements to take advantage of every opportunity that the market offers.

Founded in 2012, after more than 5 years of development, this business now expands the operational scale to 7,000 employees. The company is capable of operating 150,000 orders per day. With 300 post offices and service points nationwide, businesses actively respond to the freight transport needs of both suppliers and consumers.

In order, to bring the best experience to all customers, the company says it always introduces many new policies, notably cargo insurance with preferential prices, up to 30 million. copper. In addition, the company commits to specific processing time for customers, minimizing the risks of lost goods.

As a strategic partner of Fast Delivery, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan - Director of Juno office fashion brand shared, Quick Delivery has met the requirements given by the unit is that the product reaches the customers not only on time but also delivered in a special, most respectful way.

Mr. Nguyen Tran Thi - CEO of Express Delivery Service Joint Stock Company (GHN Express) said that despite his efforts, but due to the nature of the job, regardless of the forwarding company on the market, there are still shortcomings. . He said, most recently a customer who bought an iPhone 7Plus received an empty box from a Express Delivery courier. Immediately, the company had parallel solutions to both review the system, human resources, and verify and compensate customers satisfactorily.

"The customer is completely satisfied with the solution above. That is our success," he said.

The company is capable of operating more than 150,000 orders per day.

According to Mr. Thi, with the nature that online goods have not been seen and touched with their own hands, consumers should check the goods as soon as they receive the goods to detect errors in time. In addition, the company encourages consumers to evaluate the service, give feedback and comments to suppliers, help them quickly fix errors and make changes in work to be able to bring experience. better next time.

Commenting on the potential for development, the company leaders said that the e-logisitc (forwarding in e-commerce) market will grow rapidly in the coming years, requiring businesses to accelerate application development. technology, perfecting the operating system, improving service to meet all customer needs.

"We will strive to continually improve and put the benefit and user experience first," he said.

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