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Import and export of frozen goods

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With years of experience in the trade and logistics industry, Halotrimex is a pioneer in connecting sellers, buyers, and commercial entities for bilateral and multilateral contracts for whole goods. special materials.

Frozen products, agro-forestry products are the items that Halotrimex has special priority when linked by the strict requirements in the transaction process of these items. Halotrimex assists buyers in anticipating challenges to have the best preparation Halotrimex helps quality suppliers find and transact successfully with good buyers.

Import and export  services for trading goods.

Import and export  services for: Temporary import - re-export.

Import and export  services for investment goods.

Import and export  services for processed goods.

Import and export services for on-spot  production for export, export processing, import and export.

Customs services  for non-commercial goods (aid, diplomacy ...).

Customs services  for other special cases.

Especially Halotrimex has many years of experience in frozen goods import and export services.

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