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Customs service

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Customs clearance service is the core service of HALOTRIMEX. supplemented with customs advisory and forwarding services. Customs clearance for import and export goods is particularly complicated and may not be the same in every country. In particular, if documents are not properly and carefully prepared, any deviation can cause delays, incur additional costs and even be fined for violations. HALOTRIMEX. will advise customers how to solve this problem, with guidance on customs clearance procedures in Vietnam.

Fast and efficient handling of international freight is a crucial link to the success of a whole supply chain. HALOTRIMEX. As a provider of multimodal logistics solutions, has demonstrated its responsiveness in this field.

HALOTRIMEX. was formed by a team of professional customs clearance and import-export experts.

  1. Import and export procedures
  2. Temporary import and export goods procedures
  3. Procedures for delivery at the Port
  4. Procedures for tax payment, procedures for tax refund, procedures for tax exemption, procedures for non-collection of taxes, procedures for tax adjustment due to incorrect payment at border-gate customs, port, airport or public park customs Karma…
  5. Consulting procedures for importing machinery, equipment, tools to create fixed assets, procedures for applying for permits, lists of tax-free goods, procedures for synchronous transmission line confirmation, applying for C / O.
  6. Procedures for plant and animal quarantine, food hygiene and safety quarantine.
  7. Procedures for quality inspection, product ingredients announcement, and standard conformity announcement
  8. Procedures for re-export of goods which are not of the correct quality, type, specifications, or breach of contract in both cases where customs declaration has not been made and customs declaration has not been made.
  9. Determining prices of goods, classifying goods
  10. Document reservation.

Consulting clearance procedures:

  • Customs clearance procedures for all types of import and export goods: goods traded, invested, processed, goods produced for export, on-spot export and import, project goods, goods temporarily imported - re-exported, temporary export - re-import, exhibition, aid, transit, and non-commercial goods.
  • Commodity policy advice, HS code application, customs tax calculation, customs valuation, customs inspection, price consultation, post-customs clearance inspection
  • Consult about international payment methods: L / C, TT, ...
    • Advice on electronic customs declaration procedures, acount registration for electronic customs declaration
    • Advice on bank guarantee procedures to enjoy tax grace period./
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