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Transportation by road

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Cargo transportation is one of the important stages in accelerating the speed of goods rotation, increasing the turnover of working capital, thereby contributing to increasing the efficiency of production and business of the whole enterprise. As a service in the logistics supply chain, the transport activities of HALOTRIMEX. Over the years, it has affirmed its brand and reputation in the road transport market from Hai Phong port to industrial parks and factories.

HALOTRIMEX. operating a fleet of vehicles of various types such as trucks with payloads from 0.5 tons to large loads of 30-40 tons, container tractors, special-use vehicles, and refrigerated vehicles for transporting other types of goods. together. Experienced team of drivers and operators in transport organization, proficient in transport supply routes and routes, HALOTRIMEX. capable of meeting all freight needs of customers from simple distribution transport to oversize, overburden, oversize, and overweight cargo with committed time, high quality and good price.

Currently, HALOTRIMEX. Continuing to invest in capacity building, diversifying types of means of transport, effectively applying management software, GPS navigation systems on vehicles, and developing other types of specialized transport. to meet the transport requirements in the logistics service chain.

- With a team of skilled drivers, professional service style. 100% licensed FC class, in good health, enthusiastic about the job, always ready to receive and complete the assigned tasks.

- With a number of container trailers and trucks spread across the three regions of the country, we not only provide the best door to door service available today, but also deliver shipside quickly and accurately. ensure that the trains get in and out of the station according to the schedule.

- The professional tractor transportation management team always applies the most modern scientific management methods today. 100% of tractors are equipped with GPS satellite navigation system to ensure the accuracy of the transit time and the schedule of the trips.

- Transport of whole container: dry container such as: 20'GP container, 20'GP container, 40'HC, 45'DC, Open top container (OT), Flat Rack ... In addition, we also transport containers insulated and frozen goods with generators to ensure cargo safety and temperature requirements.

Transporting super long, overweight, and special cargo by special means of transport.

Transport by truck from 0.5 tons to 40 tons. The fleet of closed vans and roof openers meets all cargo transportation requirements of customers

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